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Coverlüv is a micro-design studio based in Bristol, UK. A micro-design studio, you ask? That means there’s only two of us at the helm here since we’re still very much in our infancy. We like that the size keeps things more personal.

Why we’re a little different?

Since Coverlüv was borne out of a hard-working writing group, we’re used to our clients keeping to fast-paced release schedules that self-publishing demands. We wanted to make our design services fit with their lives. Our project timelines are shorter than other studios to allow us to keep up with the frequent releases of our authors and the ever-evolving marketplace.

We like to work closely with our clients through the design process and utilize their intimate knowledge of what their readers want to steer each design. With their help and feedback, we strive to design covers to-market that both stand out and move books (and deliver them within reasonable timeframes).

We generally lean towards designing for the romance genres but don’t be afraid to ask about us making something different – Lara is always happy to stray out of her comfort zone and test her Photoshop skills.

Our Process

Plotting and planning

Muwahaha! But seriously, this is where we brainstorm all the ideas we have together, collect whatever stock you’d like us to use and agree on a general creative direction.

First Concept/s

Lara will create 1-2 concepts to make a start. She may ask some questions during this time to confer about the direction everything is heading but otherwise, kick your feet up for a few days.

Comments and Revision Rounds

Ding ding ding! After reviewing first concepts, we go through what’s working and isn’t in the design. There will be a series of revision rounds to iron out the kinks.

Approval and final delivery

You give approval of the final design and we send everything over. This will be on or prior to the deadline date you choose when ordering.

Cover reveals and publish time!

We confirm when we can use your cover for our own Facebook cover reveals and in our portfolio. You click that publish button and aim for those bestseller lists!

About the Designer

I’m Lara, your resident graphic designer and owner of Coverlüv and I’m so happy you’re here.

My own Photoshop experience began back in 2003 designing graphics for my mildly popular Harry Potter and Hilary Duff fan-sites. I dabbled in design on the side for the next decade, with odd jobs creating websites and logos for local businesses and bands, never once thinking that Photoshop would ultimately become my career.

I started on my own self-publishing journey 4 years ago writing books while traveling the world. I designed book covers for my own works out of sheer necessity (but secretly it was one of my favorite parts of the job). After expanding my skills, my lovely group of writing buds supported me and took the risk to start paying for my design services.

Flash-forward a few years, cover design is now my primary focus all thanks to my clients trusting me enough to dress-up their precious novel-babies. I am humbled that I work alongside some of the biggest self-published romance authors out there.

I greatly enjoy the challenge of each new design I get to make and love working closely with my clients to deliver something to them that they adore (and that sells, of course).